Closed ET Covered Call with +$53.8 Profit (8.27% yield in 43 days)

On August 28, 2020, our 100 shares of ET  were called away at the strike price of $6.5.

We have been in this trade since July 15, 2020, when we established a credit spread, see: Credit Spread on ET – 5.10% potential return in 23 days, at the expiry we got assigned and immedeatly we sold additional covered call, see: Covered Call on ET - Potential income return 3.16% in 21 days

From these two trades we collected in premiums +$53.8, that is a 8.27% yield in just 43 days

Selling calls and puts with ET stock
Selling calls and puts with ET stock
  • Running Total  20 Trades since April 6, 2020
  • Options Income: $316

ET is one of our favorite stocks to write puts/ calls against