Closed INGA Covered Call with +23 EUR Profit (3.44% yield in 53 days)

On August 7, 2020, our 100 shares of INGA (Dutch stock) were called away at the strike price of EUR 6.3

We established a position with INGA stock June 16, 2020, with the strike price of EUR 6.7, see: Covered Call on INGA - Potential income return 4.83% in 3 days

Since then we have done several roll forwards and roll downs. Unfortunately, the latest roll down took away all the nice profit we hade for many weeks

Most of the time, when rolling we were able to get a decent options income, but with the latest roll forward and roll down most of it was taken away. We are not very excited about the outcome of this trade, but as long as there is some profit we feel Okay. 

This trade was closed with a  +61 EUR collected from options premiums. As we bought INGA stock at 6.68 and sold at 6.30, we took a loss here - EUR 38.

Grand total: EUR 23

Selling covered calls with INGA stock
Selling covered calls with INGA stock
  • Running Total  15 Trades since May 11, 2020
  • Options Income: EUR 106

Our mistake probably was to sell quickly another weekly option with rolled down price, if we would wait some additional 3-4 days we would get much better option prices. Something to think about in the future. Wait.

Currently we don't plan selling any more options on this Dutch bank stock.