January 2021 Options Income Report - $3,284.00

Welcome to the ninth (#9) options income report.

The last January we did a total of 51 trades / from which most were credit spreads and covered calls.

There are 43 left open trades with expiry in the next months, with most (36) expiring this February 

We managed to take $3,284.00 from options income during the month of January, which is about 8.21% from our $40,000 goal for 2021.

All trades are available in the trading journal or under the archive: January 2021

Half of the income will be withdrawn, while for the other half we bought 14 shares of O and 15 shares of NIO. Unlike our other buys, NIO is not a dividend stock, instead, we decided to invest in this stock as we see a huge potential growth value

NIO stock foreacact
NIO stock foreacast

The 17 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for NIO Inc have a median target of 68.81, with a high estimate of 100.94 and a low estimate of 15.26. The median estimate represents a +20.56% increase from the last price of 57.07.

Source: CNN Money

There is no set timeframe we are looking to have 100 shares of NIO, but it should be done in 2021. And then we are going to sell covered calls on it

Dividend income

We now hold 0 shares of PBCT;  64 shares of O; 100 shares of PNNT; 15 shares with NIO and $1,200 cash in our dividend stock portfolio.  Once there will be 100 shares of O stock, we are going to sell covered calls on it

The dividend stock portfolio now generates an average of $16.94/mo dividend income. 

Trading plan for February 2021 (Option trades & Stock Buys)

We are looking to buy additional 30 shares with VTRS, 30 AMWL, 10 KO, 9 INTC and 10 LI. Also at the end of the month, we will spend half of our options income to purchase O and NIO stock

Currently, we are holding: 70 VTRS, 30 AMWL, 64 O,  20 KO, 35 INTC, 8 LI and 15 NIO

From covered calls/credit spreads - we are looking to take ~ $3,000 during the month of February.


Goals for January 2022

We like setting goals, and when setting goals for January 2022 options income, we are looking to take at least $4,000 in options income.We hope to get there with more covered calls