Lynx Broker Review - Low Cost Online European Stock and Options Broker

Lynx broker is Amsterdam based low-cost European stock and options broker, offering one of the cheapest options trades for European stock exchanges.

Options trades for Amsterdam stock exchange-listed stocks are as low as 0.8 EUR. For US options the cost is a bit higher - $2.4.

Buying/selling stocks is possible too - the commissions are $5 for US-listed stocks and EUR 6 for European stocks

I have been using Lynx Broker both for stock buying and holding and options trading since May 2018. See my initial review here: Low-Cost European Stock Broker - Review

With Lynx Broker I've been buying stocks, selling options on dividend stocks, indexes (SP&500), selling options on futures (FOP's) like Gold, also e-minis (ES), and many many other financial instruments (In short they do have all). 

Trading options with Lynx

When trading with Lynx Broker, here is the general commissions to consider:

  • US options: $2.4 per leg
  • EUR options: EUR 0.8 per leg
  • FOP's: $3.5 per leg
  • E-minis: $3.5 per leg

Lynx Broker Review

Lynx Broker is affiliated with Interactive Brokers and is using its TWS trading platform which is very powerful and features rich. If you are familiar with puts/calls it will be a no brainer to set up your trades in the platform. (Options trading should be separately enabled) 

Puts / Calls on RDSA stock

If I would go to open a new brokerage account now, I would go directly with Interactive Brokers, but if you are interested in trading European stock exchange-listed options - Lynx Broeker might be the right choice.

Overall - very good broker, commissions could be lower for US options, but taking into account that commissions for European options are as low as 0.8 EUR this is a good broker. 

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