Trading plan for July 2020 (Option trades & Stock Buys)

Here at, we believe a trading plan is already a 50% key to success.

Without further ado, here is our trade plan for the upcoming month of July 2020.

We are looking to buy an additional 10 shares of PFE for our Partnership fundAt the end of the month, we should have 34 PFE stocks - once we will have 100 shares of PFE we will start selling covered calls on it, see: Covered Call Trade Idea with Weekly Options - Generate $45/week from this Dow Jones list Dividend Stock

Currently, we have 9 open trades expiring in the month of July. Some are troubled trades, like our biggest suffering now is with BAC. Some are doing surprisingly well, like BCRX. There are a few trades we are looking to close and not look back, like INGA dutch stock, F and TWO

As we are trading on Margin, we currently hold a negative cash balance of  -EUR 11,407. This is quite a lot, and we are looking to end the month with -EUR 9,000. That would ask us to close a few trades. Possible candidates are F, INGA, TWO, BCRX.

Portfolio value at the end of June 2020
Portfolio value at the end of June 2020

If our holdings with Inga (670), F (700) and Two (1200) will be called away with our current strike prices in July, we will free up $2,570 trading capital

Depending on the market, we believe it shouldn't be too hard to free up some EUR 2,000. Additional dividend income + options income should help minimize our negative cash balance. On the other hand with less trading capital it will be harder to reach solid options income. Speaking of them:

From covered calls/puts - looking to take ~ $700 during the month of July.

Half of the options income will be spent on additional PBCT dividend stock buys. It looks like we might end the month of July with 100 shares of PBCT and we will be able to sell covered calls on it.

Covered Call Trade Idea with Monthly Options - Generate $50/mo from this Bank Dividend Stock

If there will be enough cash we will start buying O stock for dividend income.

Covered Call Trade Idea with Monthly Options - Generate $140/mo from O (Realty Income Corporation)

The other half will be withdrawn.

We are looking to raise our average monthly dividend above $6/mo at the end of the month. See: Dividend Stock Portfolio