Trading plan for November 2020 (Option trades & Stock Buys)

Here at, we believe a trading plan is already a 69% key to success.

Without further ado, here is our trading plan for the upcoming month of November 2020.

We are looking to buy an additional 14 shares of PFE for our Partnership fund

At the end of the month, we should have 84 PFE stocks - once we will have 100 shares of PFE we will start selling covered calls on it, see: Covered Call Trade Idea with Weekly Options - Generate $45/week from this Dow Jones list Dividend Stock. It looks that we are going to start writing covered calls on PFE already next December

Also, we are looking to buy additional 20 shares with ARCC stock, at the end of the month we should hold already 80 shares

As we are trading on margin, and our margin currently amounts to  - EUR 12,370 we have decided to sell covered calls only during the month of November. There is one exception when we might add additional trades - when some of our covered calls get called away. And even then we will place credit spreads (if)

Portfolio value at the end of October 2020
Portfolio value at the end of October 2020

Trading on margin is fun, but we are looking to reduce our margin balance during the next month under -EUR 10,000

Current Established Covered Calls

Covered calls Nvoember

We believe we could reduce our margin by some EUR 2000-3000 next monthHere are a few candidates we are looking to get called away (AGN, BCRX, AMS:INGA)

From covered calls/credit spreads - we are looking to take ~ $450 during the month of October.

Half of the options income will be spent on additional O dividend stock buys. We should be able to buy at least 4 stocks with O stock at the end of November.

The other half will be withdrawn.

We are looking to raise our average monthly dividend above $10/mo at the end of the month. See: Dividend Stock Portfolio